Organic authentic flavored black olive oil 290 gr.


Ideal for those who like a mild taste and want to touch Greek authenticity.


This is a type of black olive "Kalamon" in organic cold-pressed olive oil. These olives come with the usual amount of salt and organic thyme. Suitable for those who want to taste the authentic recipe of the olive variety "Kalamon". Strong and pure olive taste is best suited for eating with food. From October they are collected when they are black and ripe. These are Kalamon olives from the family farm's olive trees.

The crop is harvested in three stages, as the fruit grows gradually according to the amount of fruit in each tree. After harvesting, the harvest is selected and then stored in special barrels of water with salt. The best choice of olives allows you not to use large amounts of salt to preserve them. The olives are placed in barrels with cold-pressed olive oil from this farm.

Šios alyvuogės pasižymi „mėsingumu“,  jų spalva nėra juoda (tamsiai violetinė). Kadangi sunokusios alyvuogės būna juodos, tai remiantis tuo, gamintojai ir šias alyvuoges pavadino „juodomis“.  Jos yra su kauliuku ir pakankamai didelės, o alyvuogių aliejus, kuriame jos patalpintos, leidžia joms tapti dar sodresnėms.

Nutritional value 100 gr.:energy value 252kal / 1,038 KJ; protein 1.30 g. 2.60%; 2.67% of total carbohydrates; total fat 26.70 g. 41.8%.

Composition: "Kalamon" olives, Extra Virgin olive oil, salt, thyme (only natural agricultural products).

Best used before:see on the package

Keep:in a dry cool place

Country of origin: Greece

Neto weight: 290 gr.