Organic Koutsourelia green olives with lemon and thyme 290 gr.


For lovers of spicy taste!

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The Koutsourelia olive variety is a variety of green, unripe olives. Koutsourelia olives are in brine with organic thyme and lemon. In October, when this type of olive acquires the right green color, better trees are selected and the olive harvest is picked by hand. This is done with great care as the olives must not be damaged during harvesting. The olives are then picked and then stored in special barrels of water with salt, thyme and lemon.

These olives are diced.

Nutritional value 100 gr.:energy value 252kal / 1,038 KJ; protein 1.30 g. 2.60%; 2.67% of total carbohydrates; total fat 26.70 g. 41.8%.

Composition: olives "Koutsourelia", Extra Virgin olive oil, salt, lemon (only natural agricultural products).

Best used before:see on the package

Keep:in a dry cool place

Country of origin: Greece

Neto weight: 290 gr.