Organic premium olive oil Liophos Natives Olivenol Extra 750 ml.


This is an extremely pure olive oil that gives the dishes a unique taste !!!


This premium quality Extra Virgin oil is suitable for cooking because the predominant amount of monounsaturated acids in it is actually resistant to high heat. In one study, researchers heated extra virgin olive oil for 36 hours to 180 degrees Celsius. The oil was highly resistant to oxidation.

It has been found that olive oil begins to decompose at a temperature of 190 degrees and only then releases inventive free radicals. Therefore, it is best to use it by heating at a lower temperature.

Kad išspausti 1 kg. šio puikaus aliejaus, prireikia apie 8 kg. neprinokusių ir pusiau prinokusių alyvuogių.

Nutritional and energy value per 100 ml: energy value 824 kcal / 3389 kJ; total fat 91.6 g, of which: saturated fat 12.8 g, monounsaturated fat 70.5 g, polyunsaturated fatty acids 8.3 g; 0.0 g of carbohydrates; of which sugar 0.0 gr .; 0.0 g of dietary fiber; protein 0.0 gr .; salt 0.0 gr.

Neto weight: 750 ml

Best used before:see on the package

Keep:in a cool room, protected from direct sunlight.

Gamintojas: Greece, Mikos Stamataka organic farm.